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  1. Familie Himpe

    Familie Himpe2 daqiqa oldin

    i sub to u ur a lit legend :)

  2. Slayer McTripper

    Slayer McTripper3 daqiqa oldin

    i have a girl and im 8

  3. DJdaFOX 123

    DJdaFOX 1235 daqiqa oldin

    I made a drawing for lazerbeam

  4. omid exotic sufle

    omid exotic sufle7 daqiqa oldin

    He doesnt make so much vit

  5. Caleb Mckeithan

    Caleb Mckeithan9 daqiqa oldin


  6. Phoenix Playz

    Phoenix Playz10 daqiqa oldin

    Laser beam: “ i can’t wink with one eye” me: wondering how you can wink with two eyes

  7. That Music Player

    That Music Player21 daqiqa oldin

    Who edits his videos?

  8. That Music Player

    That Music Player10 daqiqa oldin

    I actually would like to know

  9. yeet master

    yeet master32 daqiqa oldin

    Guess what I'm bored

  10. WildCat

    WildCat32 daqiqa oldin

    I want LAZARBEAM merch where can I get it?

  11. Joshua Schramm

    Joshua Schramm33 daqiqa oldin

    I’m MUSELK’s 2nd cousin my mum is jan Schramm and her cousin is elliots mum

  12. Fikin27

    Fikin2735 daqiqa oldin

    when it was the alabama part i drank some water and i had to phisically restrain myself from spiting water all over my $700 moniter

  13. Cullen Ferguson

    Cullen Ferguson37 daqiqa oldin

    no one: LAzarbeam: im booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooored!

  14. D1zzyGam3z

    D1zzyGam3z41 daqiqa oldin

    8:42 VR= Very Realistic

  15. AtomicCyborgg

    AtomicCyborgg50 daqiqa oldin

    7:45 | +1 sub

  16. K Gnuoy

    K Gnuoy50 daqiqa oldin

    some of u may not know this because u are lonely -lazarbeam

  17. Lucas Hollbaum

    Lucas Hollbaum52 daqiqa oldin

    Hey Lannan how is it being upside down all the time?

  18. Joshua Rautanen

    Joshua Rautanen54 daqiqa oldin

    We need the new season meme olympics. Longest to keep a chicken alive, first to tame or getting killed by a raptor, and first to get an elimination with a raptor!!

  19. Sir Games

    Sir GamesSoat oldin

    Thus mans started thorwing up gang signs

  20. Sean Mathvink

    Sean MathvinkSoat oldin


  21. Bacon King

    Bacon KingSoat oldin


  22. Sherry Click

    Sherry ClickSoat oldin

    Yo Lazar can you play Bo2 zombie with seananer please

  23. Slurpy Plays

    Slurpy PlaysSoat oldin

    Now I have money I am the happiest I’ve ever been Flint knocks . So when we’re unvaulted what’s that called

  24. insy_ clapz

    insy_ clapzSoat oldin

    brooo lazarbeams laugh at 8:27 made me laugh so hard 😂

  25. H Shipper

    H ShipperSoat oldin

    4:59 bling bling boy B)

  26. Ben LeBlanc

    Ben LeBlancSoat oldin

    Sorry I’m dumb it’s 4:56

  27. Ben LeBlanc

    Ben LeBlancSoat oldin

    I have the same haircut as the guy at 4:06

  28. John Tinsley

    John TinsleySoat oldin

    Start playing warzone and do memes🤣😂

  29. kvasina_11

    kvasina_11Soat oldin

    Do photo shop batles again

  30. Jaki _slabi

    Jaki _slabiSoat oldin

    U should play apex legendes they added new australian lege.d

  31. Burger Knight

    Burger KnightSoat oldin

    Please play more Apex Legends

  32. Fierce Warriors

    Fierce WarriorsSoat oldin

    Who else watching in 2222

  33. Gavin_onytking YouTube

    Gavin_onytking YouTubeSoat oldin

    If you dislike to lazerbeam your hair is going to look like the pictures

  34. daniella levin

    daniella levinSoat oldin


  35. ѕqυιgglу

    ѕqυιgglуSoat oldin

    i dont do that to my girlfriend (because i dont have one) i do the to my cat

  36. Zezo Sherif

    Zezo SherifSoat oldin

    Why are Guy

  37. Oscar Peters

    Oscar PetersSoat oldin


  38. walker riggins

    walker rigginsSoat oldin

    life changing as i always expect :)

  39. kim chaves

    kim chavesSoat oldin

    3:36 When your already crossed eyed so you cant do it-

  40. kim chaves

    kim chavesSoat oldin

    I broke my wrist by my dog jumping on me when I was on rollerblades, (I AM GOOD AT THEM BUT I FELL BC ISS BUMPY ASF)

  41. figo il frigo

    figo il frigoSoat oldin

    8:35 she was telling him to jump

  42. novice-Petey Yt

    novice-Petey Yt2 soat oldin

    i like watch all of these and make my day better.

  43. Tyler Thomas-filer

    Tyler Thomas-filer2 soat oldin

    i love love u lazarbeam

  44. Keyz on yt8139

    Keyz on yt81392 soat oldin

    Play minecraft

  45. David Carpenter

    David Carpenter2 soat oldin

    Lazar beam sounds like he is high

  46. David Carpenter

    David Carpenter2 soat oldin

    No hate tho

  47. isaac redman

    isaac redman2 soat oldin

    lazar is funny bruh LOL

  48. NovusGaming

    NovusGaming2 soat oldin


  49. thegamerboyshane

    thegamerboyshane2 soat oldin

    Yo I listen to a one minute song in your video it was rather I'm bored song

  50. pingu_thepengu2

    pingu_thepengu22 soat oldin

    yay lazar is bored as fuck

  51. Brad Page

    Brad Page2 soat oldin

    Ive waited for him to do a tiktok vid

  52. bunsen1971

    bunsen19712 soat oldin

    lazar beam the queen’s husband is dead you can have the queen now 😂😂🤣🤣

  53. Rokkit

    Rokkit2 soat oldin

    Thanks I mean!!!!! LOL>

  54. Rokkit

    Rokkit2 soat oldin

    Plz team up with me @enough_elf3. Thank alot.

  55. S0uthern Man

    S0uthern Man2 soat oldin

    What I would do to have this guys for you page.

  56. kaine Thomson

    kaine Thomson2 soat oldin

    omg lazer uploaded in a week

  57. Gamer

    Gamer2 soat oldin

    go to first seconds move back 5 seconds multiple times boom HE IS NODDING

  58. EP sweats

    EP sweats2 soat oldin

    You should play fortnite without cussing

  59. Kev The Beast

    Kev The Beast2 soat oldin


  60. Everest Hollingsworth

    Everest Hollingsworth2 soat oldin

    Remember when lazarbeam wasn’t a kids channel 😔

  61. Kev The Beast

    Kev The Beast2 soat oldin

    He still isn’t

  62. MarcM9

    MarcM92 soat oldin

    Lazar: Tick tok im a clock and i have a co-

  63. charlie collins

    charlie collins2 soat oldin


  64. Ruby Best

    Ruby Best2 soat oldin

    I bet he's watched so many tiktoks he's probably seen all of his commenters by now

  65. Jeff Papa

    Jeff Papa2 soat oldin

    Lazarbeam is a Celtics and a Patriots fan!

  66. Parmar4

    Parmar42 soat oldin


  67. Marco Moesby

    Marco Moesby2 soat oldin


  68. KrillinWinnin

    KrillinWinnin2 soat oldin

    Who is watching this in 2090?

  69. Coopz25

    Coopz252 soat oldin

    If you are hear after COVID pls let me know I need to hear it help I'm dying inside

  70. Sharndra Richardson

    Sharndra Richardson3 soat oldin

    I still think your funny and your also my fav UZnickr

  71. IIITZ

    IIITZ3 soat oldin

    Lannan become tannar

  72. Dragon Archer209

    Dragon Archer2093 soat oldin

    He's playing wii sports on vr wow

  73. Krithik Rishi

    Krithik Rishi3 soat oldin

    i know i am late but my dumbass just realised queen(the band) actually knew about lazarbeam way back in their time

  74. Logan jauregui

    Logan jauregui3 soat oldin

    You need to play fuse apex you love him so much

  75. LuCas KnuDsen

    LuCas KnuDsen3 soat oldin


  76. Adarsh Parmar

    Adarsh Parmar3 soat oldin

    Hey Lazarbeam I dare to give shoutout to my channel If you do this I Will email you a cookie 🍪 Watching you 🧐

  77. Michael WG Pearson

    Michael WG Pearson3 soat oldin

    who's watching this during lockdown 4?

  78. ItsMasPlayz

    ItsMasPlayz3 soat oldin

    Apex legends

  79. ItsMasPlayz

    ItsMasPlayz3 soat oldin

    Play apex

  80. jacque flaherty

    jacque flaherty3 soat oldin

    laserbeam onle uploads ticktocks zmh

  81. Heather Houghton

    Heather Houghton3 soat oldin

    Best tiktok of the year 1:11 According to lasar

  82. William Hathaway

    William Hathaway3 soat oldin


  83. Anya Foulkes

    Anya Foulkes3 soat oldin

    what are your thoughts on tommyinnit?

  84. Sawyer Tortorella

    Sawyer Tortorella3 soat oldin

    me: waiting for the 666 veiws having a cursed image on my icon thing

  85. Sawyer Tortorella

    Sawyer Tortorella3 soat oldin

    UHH it aint showing my cursed icon thing

  86. Sawyer Tortorella

    Sawyer Tortorella3 soat oldin


  87. 02 Chances

    02 Chances3 soat oldin

    I got banned from tiktok yesterday haha

  88. Official Bacon Man YT

    Official Bacon Man YT3 soat oldin


  89. Sawyer Tortorella

    Sawyer Tortorella3 soat oldin

    I AM THE WAITING FOR DA 666 VEIWS' like ya cut g

  90. Monica Haywood

    Monica Haywood3 soat oldin

    Can I please get a shoutout for subscribing and liking the video

  91. NuTy Clan

    NuTy Clan3 soat oldin

    Lazar if your bored get gmod and mess around with the millions of mods.

  92. Jagger Estep

    Jagger Estep3 soat oldin

    Hi lazar you probably won’t see this but hi

  93. Paul Barker

    Paul Barker4 soat oldin

    0:04 oh really???

  94. Robin Johnston

    Robin Johnston4 soat oldin

    Even when he says some people think lazar isn’t funny I start laughing

  95. hunter williams

    hunter williams4 soat oldin

    lazerbeam i a big fan please do a vid of you intergram

  96. Noah Mckeever

    Noah Mckeever4 soat oldin

    Well I'm an attack helicopter soooo

  97. Bdawg 910

    Bdawg 9104 soat oldin

    If anyone is wondering how he did the tiktok at 3:32 it's actually really rare to be able to do. It's a condition called strabismus and basically when the person is born one eye has 2 - 3 weaker muscles that happens. I have it but I can always make myself look like a normal person. Thanks for reading this way to long comment, and leave a like so others wondering can learn what it is!

  98. not a Canaden spie

    not a Canaden spie4 soat oldin

    i mknow what they are saying on 8:12 go down go down its arb

  99. Parmar4

    Parmar44 soat oldin


  100. Parmar4

    Parmar44 soat oldin


  101. senni bgon

    senni bgon4 soat oldin

    Fortnite? Still

  102. Parmar4

    Parmar44 soat oldin


  103. Parmar4

    Parmar44 soat oldin


  104. senni bgon

    senni bgon4 soat oldin

    He’s not been100000000000000000000000000000000000

  105. Nateandkerrie Harrison

    Nateandkerrie Harrison4 soat oldin

    You should react to cailou has a big a head

  106. Inventory Laniel Pierrefonds

    Inventory Laniel Pierrefonds4 soat oldin

    Is click still alive

  107. Dummlord 28

    Dummlord 284 soat oldin

    Lannan should favorite gingy and his skin and then put his thing on random

  108. diprit maharjan

    diprit maharjan4 soat oldin

    Where is willy

  109. Bdawg 910

    Bdawg 9104 soat oldin

    on his ig and he's with lazarbeam's sister living there

  110. 24JAEC48

    24JAEC484 soat oldin

    LazarBeam is a pats and celtic fan *does he like the red sox and the bruins then?*