SEASON 7 MEMES (fortnite is back)

Fortnite is good again woo!

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  1. LazarBeam

    LazarBeam14 kun oldin

    Sorry if audio was abit scuffed (too loud) i edited this with lack of sleep :)

  2. Cummer63

    Cummer634 soat oldin

    @Pluto V2 bloody legend

  3. Zen Kazui

    Zen Kazui8 soat oldin

    @GAMERFLM [New Video Out Now] nobody cares kid

  4. Acedia

    Acedia13 soat oldin

    dont sweat it mate :))

  5. ELVAR ᨆ

    ELVAR ᨆ3 kun oldin


  6. Jordan Castries

    Jordan Castries14 kun oldin

    Lazarbeam sorry but it wasn’t funny maybe is because now I’m 14 but when I watch u playing roblox I like it have a good day

  7. Errick Banks

    Errick Banks3 soat oldin

    UFO’s 🛸 are OP as hell and they’re annoying as hell.

  8. lil plate

    lil plate8 soat oldin


  9. White wolf

    White wolf10 soat oldin

    Where u get that sheild from I kind of want to search it for my bd

  10. fishlol

    fishlol14 soat oldin

    i pray that everyone reading this stays motivated and has a good day

  11. Kaitlin

    Kaitlin16 soat oldin

    That last kill was fuckin great holy shit best kill ever

  12. David Watt

    David Watt16 soat oldin

    I miss old lazarbeam

  13. Trista Hickerson

    Trista Hickerson16 soat oldin

    0:37 tried to do long range with a pistol

  14. Claudeen Nienaber

    Claudeen Nienaber17 soat oldin

    Fortnit is the best to qlay

  15. Mamkajiwin

    Mamkajiwin19 soat oldin

    What’s up Broski 🦋🦋🦋

  16. Black and White

    Black and White19 soat oldin

    Are you gonna do meme Olympics?

  17. Kelly Davids

    Kelly Davids20 soat oldin

    5:08 what tf was that laught

  18. Fortnite roblox fan

    Fortnite roblox fan23 soat oldin

    Noooo lama

  19. Adam Abuobeid

    Adam Abuobeid23 soat oldin

    THATS IT LAZARBEAM IM DONE WITH YOU YOU BETTER GET SOME SLEEP AND NOT SAY “sOrY gUyS i HaD lAcK oF sLeEp” YOU ARE OUR BLOODY LEGEND AND YOU SHOULD GET 9 HOURS OF SLEEP AIGHT? (btw this comment is a joke I’m not tryna be mean I’m tryna say to get more sleep lol)

  20. music Studio

    music StudioKun oldin


  21. Fox Couture

    Fox CoutureKun oldin


  22. Sceptical Gaming

    Sceptical GamingKun oldin

    get Lazer to 19 million subs

  23. Sceptical Gaming

    Sceptical GamingKun oldin

    love fortnite season 7

  24. Frosty

    FrostyKun oldin

    how can someone win every video but still be bad at the game😂

  25. woahwavyy

    woahwavyyKun oldin

    *me trying to win a single match and sweating* *lazarbeam fcking camping a spaceship and flinging cars at people*

  26. Barkirino O

    Barkirino OKun oldin

    Your videos give me Sunday morning vibes

  27. Catal

    CatalKun oldin

    Great Video LazerBeam You And The Other’s Are The Reason Fortnite Is Still A Great Game Today 🥺

  28. Dubbzz FN

    Dubbzz FNKun oldin

    5:36 when your parents say you have to get off

  29. Sassy Trend Boutique

    Sassy Trend Boutique2 kun oldin

    I’m so dirty when I get my hands on a spaceship I literally threw someone in the storm and got the dub🤣

  30. Campbell Reiser

    Campbell Reiser2 kun oldin

    Bring back meme olympics

  31. Charlot Saliba

    Charlot Saliba2 kun oldin

    Muselk I'm a bot then does a level (dethrun) then does another one hour on the level 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣

  32. Charlot Saliba

    Charlot Saliba2 kun oldin

    The old days aahh I miss them

  33. Sketchy_89

    Sketchy_892 kun oldin


  34. Kylie Harig

    Kylie Harig2 kun oldin

    I had a sigh of relief when he said “I am retiring...” I was like NO If you said “I am retiring from UZnick” I would cry 😭

  35. Noel Camelio

    Noel Camelio2 kun oldin

    UFOS 🛸 will heal once you get out of them

  36. trixta753

    trixta7532 kun oldin

    2:52 first game? He died right away first game faker

  37. Cro Boy

    Cro Boy2 kun oldin

    I recognize six videos back that’s when you’re playing Fortnite

  38. Kellie Kujak

    Kellie Kujak2 kun oldin

    I feel so bad for Lazarbeam he tattooed "yeet" onto his arm and that meme is dead and he alsos tattooed "Code Lazar" onto his other arm and now fortnite's dead

  39. Rainz

    Rainz2 kun oldin


  40. Rainz

    Rainz2 kun oldin


  41. Jedi Yoda

    Jedi Yoda2 kun oldin

    3:08 Lazar I did this and won a f***ing match bruh

  42. Kyra Cotter 7

    Kyra Cotter 72 kun oldin


  43. Kyra Cotter 7

    Kyra Cotter 72 kun oldin

    hey lazarrr u r my fav ytuber

  44. PieterDerluyn

    PieterDerluyn2 kun oldin

    im starting to kinda haete lazer beam

  45. Flaminga Dinga

    Flaminga Dinga2 kun oldin

    I don’t even play Fortnite anymore but when I see I Lazarbeam video I click

  46. Ryan Schoonmaker

    Ryan Schoonmaker2 kun oldin

    Memes Olympics when?

  47. Jake Ratchford

    Jake Ratchford2 kun oldin

    The amount of people who bearly played or uploaded last season was insane, i genuinely think it is the worst fortnite season in history.

  48. Kimberley M

    Kimberley M3 kun oldin

    Pleas laser beam can you get rid of some people in Fortnite I’m your biggest fan so pleas

  49. Among Us Kidz

    Among Us Kidz3 kun oldin

    won a game without fresh

  50. Kian Parsons

    Kian Parsons3 kun oldin


  51. Maroon

    Maroon3 kun oldin

    0:39 this won’t be long

  52. Harry Deacon

    Harry Deacon3 kun oldin

    You should get your nephew Bodhi to control your game,😈

  53. Jonathan Bunker

    Jonathan Bunker3 kun oldin

    You used your edit face from your season 2 chapter 2 reaction video

  54. ELVAR ᨆ

    ELVAR ᨆ3 kun oldin


  55. Cruz Sherman

    Cruz Sherman3 kun oldin

    Play Minecraft

  56. Quinn Penoza

    Quinn Penoza3 kun oldin

    Lazarbeam please do more fortnite videos 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  57. Totherkoala

    Totherkoala3 kun oldin

    It’s 30 damage but its a shockwave grenade too

  58. Totherkoala

    Totherkoala2 kun oldin

    @Jake Ratchford I see your point, but I’m talking about in terms of how far it yeets you.

  59. Jake Ratchford

    Jake Ratchford2 kun oldin

    Except it does fall damage, so technically its an impulse grenade.

  60. Fletch

    Fletch3 kun oldin

    Fuq fortnite, they literally just ruined Rick and Morty for me


    FRESHCAKE3 kun oldin

    4:28 you sound look like alien bole.

  62. gilbr lelan

    gilbr lelan3 kun oldin

    The windy node legally reach because gallon constitutively curve like a vague alcohol. agonizing, brawny tooth

  63. David Pisi-Leu

    David Pisi-Leu3 kun oldin

    Lazer beam is in grate pain?!?!?!

  64. C00l_Chaz

    C00l_Chaz 3 kun oldin

    2:13 that's what she said

  65. Zman

    Zman3 kun oldin


  66. Anonymous User

    Anonymous User3 kun oldin

    can we get random crap Friday back

  67. 😀👈

    😀👈3 kun oldin


  68. Jaliyah Torres

    Jaliyah Torres3 kun oldin

    Lazar Dominates without mats: says someone

  69. Khrylle Guimalan

    Khrylle Guimalan3 kun oldin

    LazarBeam i just watched this and i think i was the alien that got sniperred

  70. Rocky Barker

    Rocky Barker4 kun oldin

    What happened to the old lazarbeam

  71. Connor Chamberlain

    Connor Chamberlain4 kun oldin

    they need to do the meme olympics in this too

  72. Ralph De Meyer

    Ralph De Meyer4 kun oldin

    i hope you do realize what wubba lubba dub dub means

  73. Lazarbeam shorts

    Lazarbeam shorts4 kun oldin

    Your videos make me laugh deer

  74. bigjoe

    bigjoe4 kun oldin

    "people hate aliens, and that's just rude" -lazarbeam 2021

  75. Ruby Whaitiri

    Ruby Whaitiri4 kun oldin

    Hi I love your videos ❤️✌🏻🤪

  76. Fisher

    Fisher4 kun oldin

    Lazarbeam must be a comedian:)

  77. Crystal May

    Crystal May4 kun oldin

    hahahahahahahahahahaha! i love u

  78. Zacolicシ

    Zacolicシ4 kun oldin

    You can drop big balls of energy!- Lazarbeam 2021

  79. Schmedley101

    Schmedley1014 kun oldin

    *New season drops* That stupidly funny Lannan face: Aw shit here we go again

  80. Stylish frog

    Stylish frog4 kun oldin

    Goal for 200 subs from comments (no pressure)

  81. Mr. Linguini

    Mr. Linguini4 kun oldin

    the animated Rick skin XD it's giving me ligma lmao

  82. ian laplant

    ian laplant5 kun oldin

    I hate ufo spamming

  83. That Guy

    That Guy5 kun oldin

    Lannan: I don’t know if there’s gonna be enough memes for me to make fortnite videos this season. Also Lannan: *Buys battle pass tier 100*

  84. That Guy

    That Guy3 kun oldin

    @Void_ Rudster idk about u but I can’t just casually spend like $60 on a game that I might bot even play

  85. Void_ Rudster

    Void_ Rudster3 kun oldin

    So ?

  86. Void is best

    Void is best5 kun oldin

    he got better

  87. LT

    LT5 kun oldin

    I love u lazar beam

  88. Joseph Parish

    Joseph Parish5 kun oldin

    the lama gost teloporets ok

  89. Brodie Fernandez

    Brodie Fernandez5 kun oldin

    This is some bullshit I had a purp pump and my enemy had a green pump he hit me for 97 and I hit him with the purp pump for 40 like wtf epic

  90. Linda Mansson

    Linda Mansson5 kun oldin

    I miss the chugjug song

  91. Julie Bolanos

    Julie Bolanos5 kun oldin

    I will get you 100,000 likes

  92. Alex Poh

    Alex Poh5 kun oldin

    UFO's have 3 lives you just have to wait for it to heal up

  93. Xander Labay

    Xander Labay5 kun oldin


  94. Velocity YT

    Velocity YT5 kun oldin

    The UFO has the revives, so once it gets to 1 hp and it has 3 revives left. Then you just wait

  95. Ninja

    Ninja5 kun oldin

    Pin me ?

  96. Josef Santos

    Josef Santos5 kun oldin

    I honestly just remembered you existed

  97. Frallanskalle Pro

    Frallanskalle Pro5 kun oldin

    Its not a spaceship its a UFO

  98. Zorima Popima

    Zorima Popima5 kun oldin

    You are the best 😀😁😉😎😜

  99. Gabriel Boscan

    Gabriel Boscan5 kun oldin

    Its not rick and morty Its rick and fortnite

  100. Andra Martin

    Andra Martin5 kun oldin


  101. morelazyboi gaming XD

    morelazyboi gaming XD5 kun oldin


  102. Calvin Bouavong

    Calvin Bouavong5 kun oldin

    If u get 1 mil likes u get a mullet

  103. ICY T

    ICY T5 kun oldin

    Lazarbeam videos are always hilarious. Keep up the good work dude

  104. Ricksanchez

    Ricksanchez5 kun oldin

    Good job lazar beam love the memes

  105. Carlos Ruiz

    Carlos Ruiz5 kun oldin

    Laear beam your lobbies are so. Good mid suck there all sweats

  106. Method Gamer

    Method Gamer5 kun oldin


  107. Pro Palmer

    Pro Palmer5 kun oldin

    Saw the WIN LIVE

  108. Lukas Gruzeski

    Lukas Gruzeski5 kun oldin

    Use your skin you have an icon skin

  109. moises hernandez

    moises hernandez5 kun oldin

    We will miss the tik tok I am bored cause he never be bored now

  110. dolita windo

    dolita windo5 kun oldin

    The face everytime there's a new season, priceless

  111. elyasco 1212

    elyasco 12125 kun oldin

    Did he say space shit

  112. dolita windo

    dolita windo5 kun oldin

    rick is 🖕🏼 at yall